Begin Homeschooling in 8 Steps

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Begin Homeschooling in 8 Steps Workbook

A companion to the step-by-step ebook, Begin Homeschooling in 8 Steps, this printable workbook will walk you through how to begin homeschooling your child or children!

Want to begin homeschooling, but aren’t sure how? Afraid you’ll mess something up and find yourself in truancy court? Does the idea of curriculum shopping make your head spin?

This workbook has resources to help you sort all the information in the ebook into bite-sized pieces and actionable steps.

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Feel confident in knowing you’ve done all the initial work to homeschool your child legally and begin your homeschool journey feeling empowered.

What’s Included…

  • List of questions to ask your governing entity
  • Editable Letter of Withdrawal PDF document — fill in the blanks, print, sign, & deliver
  • Resources to help you choose your homeschooling method and curriculum
  • Planning resources

and more!

How much more self-assured would you feel if you knew you hadn’t skipped any important steps in beginning your homeschool adventure?

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