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Quick & Tidy Home Cleanup Checklists

Checklists to help you and your family take back control of your messy home in minutes. Print this digital download as is or use the Canva template to make them your own.

Wouldn't it be amazing if everyone in your family knew exactly what to do to keep your house clean?

You want to keep your home neat and tidy, but you have kids, and things are always messy. You spend more time telling everyone what to do than you do actually cleaning the house. So, you do it all yourself and get angry because no one helps. You’ve decided it’s just easier this way…

That's exactly how I felt...

It would take me longer to explain to my family what we needed to do to tackle our mess, than it did for me to clean the filth myself. It was so unnerving. By the time we finished, I had been yelling at the kids, the kids had been yelling at each other, feelings were hurt on both sides. I felt awful, the kids felt awful. It was defnitely a no-win situation.

You see, at our house my older kids always do the dishes after the evening meal. (It’s an “I cook, you clean” type of arrangement.) They were always asking me what did they need to do next and then fighting over who was going to do it.

And, when my husband pitched in, no matter how hard he tried to help, he would forget things like cleaning the table or wiping down the sink. Don’t get me wrong, I was still grateful for the help, even though the job wasn’t perfect. But it sure is nice to walk into a completely clean kitchen first thing in the morning.

Maybe you know the feeling too?

Incessant Arguments

Listening to constant feuding over tasks.

Double Cleaning Time

Cleaning taking too much time.

Constant Confusion

No one knows what jobs they're doing.

Something had to give...

One night after we finished supper, I made them a list of what I expected them to do in the kitchen. This would fix the evening kitchen cleaning arguments about WHAT they needed to do and which kid was going to do it. To my surprise, IT WORKED. I was thrilled!

I ended up making my handwritten note into a checklist. I printed it, laminated it, and put it on the fridge for the kids to use every night. Being a listmaker, I decided we needed checklists for each room of the house. 

The truth is that the 3 biggest mistakes we make when we're trying to tidy our homes are...

Quick & Tidy Home Cleanup Checklists

Quickly tidy your house with these home cleanup checklists. You can go room-to-room using these checklists to help avoid overwhelm for you and your family. Each of the tasks on the checklists have blanks for the chore to be assigned to different family members. The Canva template link will allow you to customize them to fit your family’s needs.

Your home is gonna look great!

Just imagine this…

A friend you haven’t seen since high school calls and is coming over. You’ve got 30 minutes to get your house in order, but this time, you don’t use that time to hide the mess. You grab the few toys on the floor the kids left behind, put them away, and go make a snack for you and your friend. 

It could really be like that! Really!

You just need a little help to get to that point. With the Quick & Tidy Home Cleanup Checklists you have every step you need to make your home presentable in individual checklists for each room . You can assign tasks to each person in your household and finally share the workload. These checklists are your plan to keep your house tidy.

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Quick & Tidy Home Cleanup Checklists

Leave the overwhelm, the fighting, and confusion behind and take back control of your home and KEEP IT!

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