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I'm so glad you stopped by. If you're wondering how to get started on this adventure, called homeschooling, you're in the right place. The bulk of what I know about beginning homeschooling concerns the state of Tennessee, but homeschool moms and dads everywhere need a little help, motivation, and inspiration from time to time.

Even though I'm just getting started with this blogging "thing," I've been homeschooling for seven years, and have even had one of my daughters graduate from homeschool. I'll be posting how-to videos and blog posts to explain things to you as simply as possible to help you along your way.

Check back often for lots of homeschooling how-to's, stay-at-home mom/work-at-home mom goodness, motivation and inspiration to help you along your way.

I'm here to help keep you inspired and excited about teaching your children at home. I publish new posts and videos weekly that I sincerely hope bless you immensely.

If you have no idea where to begin, start here.

Have questions? Feel free to email me at educatingcampbells@gmail.com.

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