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kids' clothes organization, clothes piles on couch

Our Kids’ Clothes Organization

Our Kids’ Clothes Organization We’re working on our kids’ clothes organization for three of our sons. Before too long, we’ll be moving our little guy into the room with two of his older brothers....

snowman popsicle stick ornament featured image

Snowman Popsicle Stick Ornament

Snowman Popsicle Stick Ornament A snowman popsicle stick ornament is the perfect craft if you have some craft sticks just lying around. If you’re like me, you have an abundance of them leftover from...

Featured Image - 8 Photo Christmas Ornament DIY Ideas, decorated christmas tree

8 Photo Christmas Ornament DIY Ideas

8 Photo Christmas Ornament DIY Ideas   A photo Christmas ornament is a great addition to your Christmas tree or holiday decor, or you could give photo ornament gifts to aunts, uncles, or grandparents....