Planning Your Homeschool Year, calendar and pencil

Planning Your Homeschool Year to Avoid Burnout

Planning Your Homeschool Year to Avoid Burnout Until two years ago, I struggled with homeschool burnout every year, but I discovered a new homeschool year plan and left burnout far, far behind. Planning your homeschool year to avoid burnout will change your homeschool forever! *This…

person with stack of books confused by understanding homeschooling methods

Understanding Homeschooling Methods

You’re considering homeschooling, but you’re confused about the many different homeschool methods or ways to teach your child. Here’s an easy guide to understanding 5 of the most popular homeschooling methods. Would you like for your child to decide what they’d like to learn about?…

mother reading to child, am I qualified to homeschool

Am I Qualified to Homeschool?

  I dropped my high school Algebra 2 class, because I knew I was going to fail, I just didn’t get it. Beowulf wasn’t a literary work I found particularly appealing in high school. I don’t have a college degree. Am I qualified to homeschool…

How We Homeschool, Then and Now

Over the years, I’ve bounced back and forth between homeschooling methods for my children. Except for our very first homeschooling year, I’ve tried to let the child help determine how we homeschool them. How we homeschooled our first year… Our very first homeschool year was…

Reasons We Homeschool

Reasons We Homeschool

There are several reasons why we homeschool. Admittedly, some border on laziness, but all are with my kids in mind. Well, mostly… I Hate Waking Kids Up Early My kids didn’t start out homeschooled. They completed the fourth and sixth grades in the public school…

Finding Time to Homeschool

Finding Time to Homeschool?

In Tennessee, homeschooling time must be at least four hours per day to be considered one homeschooling day, but finding time to homeschool may not be as difficult as you think. This time may be very easy for a stay-at-home, homeschooling parent of one child….

How to Homeschool in Tennessee

How to Homeschool in Tennessee

You want to homeschool in Tennessee and aren’t sure where to start? You can continue to read on or watch this short video… How to Homeschool in Tennessee You’ve decided to homeschool your child. The first thing you need to do is withdraw them from…