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Homeschool Curriculum Bundles Add Variety and Fill Gaps

Homeschool Curriculum Bundles Add Variety and Fill Gaps

Homeschool curriculum bundles add variety to your homeschool and fill in education gaps.

Whether we’re public school parents or homeschool parents, we all worry about our children getting bored with learning and/or having gaps in their education.

Children are all different and they learn differently, so a curriculum that would work to keep your children excited about learning may not work for mine. It’s also hard to know what curriculum you’d be successful using to teach your children for the same reason.

What better way to purchase curriculum than to purchase in a bundle, with several options to choose from? Some of these options could be used together to emphasize learning a certain skill or certain facts, or they could be used separately to add variety to your learning environment.

Computer-Based Learning

Some children learn best by having their curriculum presented via a computer with very little paper and pencil work. This learning could take place on a tablet or a smartphone.

Many people have taken classes via Thinkific or Podia platforms. Inside these platforms, a class segment or unit is completed and the student moves to the next segment or unit.


Lapbooks are a great way to teach children in an interactive-type way. Information can be transferred to small pieces of paper and glued, taped, or stapled into a notebook or a file folder.

My younger children love using lapbooks to learn new things. It brings a crafting aspect into their learning.


Notebooking is great for older kids, as well as youngers. Children can take down interesting facts and information along with printed or drawn pictures.

Unit Studies

Unit studies are lessons about a specific topic covering several subjects. One unit study could incorporate math, grammar, reading, science, and history. They also cover several age groups, so younger children can be taught with older children easily.


One way many children learn well is by using copywork. Actually, this is the best way I learn as well. I can always remember something better if I write it down. In this way, copywork is great for memory and penmanship.

Finding Homeschool Curriculum Bundles

The best place to find homeschool curriculum bundles containing all the many ways of learning is at the Build Your Bundle Sale.

The Build Your Bundle Sale is a homeschool curriculum bundle sale that happens once a year. It is the biggest curriculum sale of the year. You can find homeschool curriculum for all ages.

Homeschool curriculum bundles discounts

Build Your Bundle

One of the ways you can save with the Build Your Bundle Sale is to do just that, build your own bundle. You can pair up curriculum that you feel would benefit your child or children of different ages or abilities. You could also pair up the bundles based on subjects. Here’s a resource to help keep you organized while building your own bundle.

Example Homeschool Curriculum Bundles

Here are some examples bundles based on subjects that I’ve paired up…

Elementary Geography Bundle

Elementary World Geography & History

US Geography & History – Kindergarten, Elementary, & Upper Grades

Science – Upper Grades Bundle (3 Digital Courses + 1 Scientist-Written Textbook)

Science – Kindergarten, Elementary, & Upper Grades

Some of the products in these bundles are in other bundles as well. So, please review the products, if you decide to make additional purchases. Each of these bundles is less than $30 with a 75% discount off the retail pricing. However, if you decide to spend more, you’ll save more.

Premade Homeschool Curriculum Bundles

Some of the best deals come from premade bundles, and some of these bundles can save you up to 90%. But, if none of the premade bundles seem to meet your needs, you can build your own bundle and still save 90% off the retail price.

Some of the premade bundles you can choose from are Penmanship & Copywork, American Studies, Elementary Bundles, a homemaking bundle, and much more.

Homeschool Memberships and Online Classes

This year’s Build Your Bundle Sale offers memberships and online classes as well. These products include, but are not limited to, courses in Apologetics, foreign languages, and information about teaching high school students. These are considered premium products and aren’t part of the bundle sales, but still provide excellent value. The courses are for students, as well as adults.

Mystery Homeschool Curriculum Bundles

One of the most popular selling bundles during the Build Your Bundle Homeschool Edition Sale is the Mystery Bundle. And to make this flash sale even better, they’ve added a second Mystery Bundle.

Sale Dates

What’s the downside to the Build Your Bundle Sale? It’s a FLASH SALE running from August 12th at 8 a.m. CST to August 14th at 11:59 p.m. PST. So don’t waste any time. Head over and check out their website to get more information and begin shopping for the bundles that best suit your family.

If you’d like to read more about my family’s homeschool curriculum choices, click here.

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