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Love of Books and Summer Reading Logs

Encouraging a Love of Books, Free Summer Reading Logs, Pinterest ImageWhen I was a kid I loved the summer reading program at our local library. I couldn’t wait to write, or have my mom write when I was too little to do it myself, my latest read down on my summer reading log form. Such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment came from looking at that completed list of books.

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Some years there were more books on the reading log than others. I got older and, eventually, I just stopped logging them. It didn’t matter anymore if I won anything, I just loved reading.

Looking back, I wish I had logged all the books from the summers I spent reading or even had kept one of my reading logs. I think my children would really get a kick out of what books their mother read at their ages.

I’ve designed some summer reading logs for our kids, yours and mine, to use to log their reading choices. You don’t have to stop using them when the summer is over, though. Your kids can use them year-round for school, homeschool reading, or recreational reading.

Summer Reading Logs

Image of Kids Summer Reading Log
World Travel Reading Log
Boy Superheroes Reading Log Image
Boy Superheroes Reading Log
Girl Superhero Summer Reading Log Image
Girl Superheroes Reading Log
Fairy Summer Reading Log Image
My Very Fairy Reading Log
& Bookmarks

You can use these free printable reading logs to make reading interesting this summer. Just click the image of the reading log you’d like to download and subscribe to my email list. (Don’t worry, you don’t have to pick just one. You can get them all. You won’t be subscribed four times unless you use four different emails. My email robots are smart.) Have a competition to win a prize based on who reads the most books in your house. That would definitely make life a bit more lively!

Want your kids to read more non-fiction? Have a non-fiction competition. Whoever reads the most non-fiction books gets to choose the location of a day trip related to something they’ve read.

The summer, however, is not necessarily a time when my kids want to read. There are too many bugs to catch, woods to roam, and video games to play. Yeah, I’m not real thrilled about that last one either.

Encouraging a Love of Books

My kids have inherited their love of books from me. We have an enormous amount of books in our home. I can’t help it, I cannot part with them. Some we read from time to time, some are frequented favorites, and nearly all are dearly loved. It hurts me somewhere deep down inside when I see my children mistreating a book, or when I have to discard one in the trash that has been damaged beyond repair.

I encourage my children to research topics they want to know more about. They can find a book on one of our shelves, or if there are none on that topic, they scour the Internet for information. We incorporate this into our homeschool regularly. I believe this practice keeps

In an effort to bring more good, wholesome, educational books into our children’s lives, I became an Usborne Books & More Consultant a couple of years ago. You should see the way their eyes glow when they see a new, fresh box arrive with the pretty, purple Usborne logo on the side. From the time the very first box of books arrived at our door, they’ve been in love. They can’t wait to see what’s inside each and every new box that finds its way to our door.

Would you like to have more learning resources at your fingertips and get some excellent discounts on books for your kids? Please visit my website, Bananas4Books. Our hostess rewards are AMAZING, and if you host a party online, now through July 28th, you could earn DOUBLE the normal amount of FREE HOSTESS BOOKS for your home library. Go ahead and click on “CONTACT” to send me a message and find out more. I’ll be happy to help you or answer any questions you may have.



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