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Best Learning Toys for Babies

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Best Learning Toys for Babies

The best learning toys for babies are sensory toys because they appeal to each of the five senses and help with brain development.


Most of these learning toys are ones we currently have or have had in the past. Some of the toys I’ve listed my children have never owned, but look like they’d be really cool.



This crinkling, mirrored, animal-sounds soft block includes a sturdy teether, knotted tags, crinkly flower petals and tabs, and a toddler-tough plastic mirror. It plays four different melodies when you press the animals’ noses and you can take it everywhere. This is an awesome baby toy, but if gifting this one, remember it does require batteries.


Four soft activity blocks with fun on every side are included in this adorable set. Babies love discovering silly sounds, interesting textures, and bright colors. Throw in the cute animal pals on these blocks and you’re sure to have a hit. These blocks make crinkle and rattle noises and are small enough to carry with you. All of my children have grown up with a set of these and loved them.

Activity Playmats

A developmental activity playmat makes a good gift for very young babies. Red, black, and white contrasting colors help babies to focus easier. This playmat comes with five toys to hang from the crisscross arches. Activity playmats make a great place for busy moms to lay babies down when something else must be done without a baby in your arms.


There are several activities for your baby to do with this wonderful little gym. It accommodates newborns to six months old, and possibly a little longer. Babies can have tummy time, sit and play, and lay and play with this colorful playmat combo. You can use it at home or take it on the go. I never had one of these little gems, but its ability to transition with baby makes it very appealing. If gifting this learning toy, please remember it requires batteries.

Other Learning Toys


Peekaboo! is a cute cloth book featuring a mouse, bear, penguin, rabbit, dog, hippo, and cat. It has multi-texture, crinkly, and easy-to-grasp flaps. If your little one is like all of mine have been, they love to chew on EVERYTHING, but that’s not a problem with this book because it’s machine washable.

Bright colors, bold patterns, and easy-to-grasp bumps give this ball a lot of personality. The high contrast colors of the ball strengthen vision by allowing baby to focus. Large textured bumps on the ball encourage baby to reach, grasp, and transfer the ball from one hand to another. This aids in developing baby’s motor skills. I have issues with toys that make obnoxious noises, but this one has a gentle rattle that isn’t annoying at all.

Got any suggestions for other infant toys? I’d love to hear from you.

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