Free homeschool resources for elementary grades computer

Free Homeschooling Resources for Elementary Grades

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I am constantly looking for free homeschooling resources for elementary grades to make things more interesting for my 8-year-old. He learns better when he isn’t BORED. He likes hands-on activities, assignments he can interact with. It makes his learning more fun. As a matter of fact, all of my kids do their best learning when we notebook, find a fun worksheet, lapbook, and/or play games.

Free Homeschooling Resources for Elementary Grades

Here are four websites that have given us loads of resources to increase or maintain engagement in learning.

(Most of these websites have numerous free resources and curriculum, and some have other resources for sale. Please consider making a purchase to help support these families.)

  • — Many free notebooking resources, but the Lifetime Membership is a great value. We’ve had our membership for a few years now and have used it in some way every year.
  • Five J’s — Many great math resource worksheets to choose from.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers – Teachers Pay Teachers is a wonderful website to find free, as well as inexpensive resources to supplement learning. We’ve used them many times and have never been disappointed in what their teachers have to offer. This link is filtered for elementary grade materials.
  • CurrClick – CurrClick has a great assortment of supplemental materials, as well as lessons and other materials, for all ages, from babies to parents. These resources range in subjects from devotionals to science experiments and handwriting to history lapbooks. This link takes you to some free resources I’ve already filtered for ages 8-10. Feel free to use this as a starting point and change what filters you like.
  • Starfall — Is a great website for kindergarten and first graders to learn with. My twin preschoolers use this one too. They really like learning the cute songs and rhymes.

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5 Tips for Teaching Elementary Grades

  1. Make learning interesting and fun! Children absorb more information through hands-on learning. Incorporate learning games into your Language lessons, take Science lessons outside or do a project together, or take a field trip for your History lessons.
  2. Keep lessons short and sweet and take lots of breaks. The average attention span of elementary age children is only 15-30 minutes.
  3. Let your child help decide what you’ll study. This will help excite them about learning. For example, if your child has an interest in snakes, a unit study about reptiles would be very interesting.
  4. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT try to recreate a public school classroom. This will result in pure frustration for you and your kiddo.
  5. When all else fails, focus on Math and Reading. If you just can’t. do. school. today. give yourself some grace. Your kids won’t suffer, they won’t get “behind,” I promise. Everybody needs a break sometimes.

Looking for some preschool resources? Here are My Top 5 FREE Picks for Homeschooling Preschool.

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