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Homeschool Art Classes with Beyond the Stick Figure

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Homeschool Art Classes with Beyond the Stick Figure

I’ve always wanted to add homeschool art classes to our homeschool portfolio. Every year I make an attempt to compile an art curriculum my kids will be interested in and pretty much fail. It’s been a struggle until this year. This year, I’ve found an artistic treasure!

Introducing Beyond the Stick Figure

Beyond the Stick Figure is a wonderful homeschool fine art education program designed by homeschool moms. They know how busy we all are.

The program we used was the Drawing Course. They’ve designed this program to be user-friendly for the whole family and something everyone can do together. Taught through the Teachable platform, this program requires very little prep from Mom or Dad, nor does it require many art supplies.

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Short Online Art Lessons

The lessons are short and sweet and right to the point. They last less than 10 minutes each and hold children’s attention. That could be Miss Sally’s amazing accent, but either way, my kids actually listen very well to her.

In one of her very first lessons, Miss Sally gives the list of supplies, copy paper, a Strathmore tablet, and Prismacolor Markers. Those are the only supplies she requests you have and she never adds to that list. I appreciated not having to order any more art supplies after making my initial order before we began our class.

Prismacolor Markers for homeschool art classes

Miss Sally also went over proper care and use of the markers early on. As someone who’s never purchased nice art supplies, it was nice to have her explain to my children why it’s important to take care of what I had purchased. (Funny how kids listen and follow the instructions of someone else when they’re saying the same things you preach daily. Oy!)

Kids Can Work Alone

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As long as your child or children are old enough to know not to color on the walls, they can work on this program by themselves. I was able to set my kids up with the password for the Teachable account and they were on their way. One day I think I would really enjoy sitting down and going through the course myself, but for now, I’m enjoying watching my kids get a real art education, having fun in the process, and knowing I’m not having to compile lessons.

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My Kids Like It

When asked about their likes and dislikes, my kiddos didn’t have a whole lot to say.

My 13-year-old said, “I like that it’s so easy to do. It’s so hard to get frustrated when it’s so easy.”

My 9-year-old said, “I like all the videos. I like everything.”

There were no complaints and they really enjoyed doing the lessons.

You can learn more here about Beyond the Stick Figure


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