Awesome Ideas for Homeschooling in Springtime

Homeschooling in springtime should be fun-schooling.

I’m all for learning about grammar and math, but what if during the spring you did less of that and more Science, more activities that get you outside?

Cabin fever is a real thing and when you’re homeschooling in springtime cabin fever usually hits hard.

My kids and I would much rather be learning from nature than a book when it’s pretty out and, honestly, I like that they can see things they’ve learned in action.

If you’re trying to think of things to study while homeschooling in springtime just read on.

You could teach lessons about…

Homeschooling in springtime doesn’t need to keep you and the kids cooped up inside. Get out and enjoy the sunshine.

girls looking at flowers with magnifying glass while homeschooling in springtime

A Few More Homeschooling in Springtime Ideas

  • The kids can take their bookwork outside. You can help them spread out a blanket or sit at a picnic table, and you all can soak up the sounds of spring while they work. Those sounds don’t last nearly long enough. I always long for them during the winter months.
  • Outdoor read-alouds can be fun too.
  • Nature walks are always a favorite around here. (Click here to get a free Nature Walk printable pack for  your littles.)
  • My favorite outdoor activity is to take the kids on nature or scavenger hunts. You could also send them on their own hunt for something they want to learn more about. That could be a bug, plant, flower, a rock, or a leaf. You may need to utilize Google if you don’t know what they’ve brought you. Oh, and depending on your child and what you’re willing to research with them, you may have to incorporate some rules. My rule is – I WILL NOT TOUCH LIZARDS OR SNAKES. They make my skin crawl. Even typing this is giving me “the willies.”
  • The Usborne Outdoor Book features activities such as making a shelter from branches and leaves, going on a nighttime nature walk, marking out trails to follow, making your own map, exploring a rock pool, and even cooking on a campfire.

Remember This is Homeschool

Homeschooling isn’t about being cooped up inside all the time. There are times when you have to be inside, but the spring isn’t one of them. (Well, unless it’s during a thunderstorm.) Homeschooling in Springtime, in my humble opinion, is one of the very best times to teach your children about the world around them. There is so much to learn no matter the age level.

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