Our 2018-2019 Homeschool Schedule — Blocks of Time

Our 2018-2019 Homeschool Schedule — Blocks of Time

Planning your homeschool schedule can be confusing. How are you going to get all the required work completed when there’s only one of you to teach lessons, answer questions, and grade your children’s work?

This is how we’re scheduling our homeschool day this school year.

Homeschool Daily Schedule

Our Morning Work Block

We allow blocks of time to homeschool. During that time, I don’t do anything else, but teach. I don’t answer the phone, not even business calls. I don’t return calls, or fold laundry, or make meals, or do any other activity that screams at me during this time. This time is devoted to my kids’ learning.

I begin by having the kindergarten twins work on writing their names. While that’s going on, the preschooling two-year-old is playing a learning game on the tablet. The older boys are working on their grammar lessons. When name practice is over, the kindergarteners, preschooler, and I go read a book or play a hands-on learning game, or both.

When the older boys are finished, while I break with the younger kids, I go over what they’re to do for math for that day. I teach a mini lesson, if necessary, and make sure they can work a few of those exercises. Then, I leave them to do their work. I do some workbook pages with the kindergarteners, while the preschooler draws or “practices” writing his name on a dry erase page.

The boys read a book of their choice if they finish before I finish with the youngers.

If there’s time before lunch, I check the older boys’ grammar and math for errors they make corrections. Then, I return calls and/or answer text messages left for our service business.

Our Afternoon Block

Afternoon blocks of work time begin as soon as the younger children lay down for nap or rest time.

This is when I give grammar and math one more look before we put them away for the day.

Science, History, and any other school activities we choose to do or didn’t get to, are done in the afternoon. We’ve found the boys need more quiet concentration time to work on these subjects. And my house is anything but quiet any time of the day, except for naptime and bedtime.

Homeschool Schedule Template

Sometimes, your homeschool day goes smoother if you have a homeschool schedule template to frequently look at.  Our Imperfect Homeschool Routine  is about what our daily schedule looked like last year and gives you a peek at ours. (There’s a free homeschool schedule template in our resource library.)

Independence is Key

When you’re a homeschooling mom of many, it’s important to teach independence. You want your children to know that you are there to guide and help, but that they must try to work things out on their own. Only after they’ve exhausted all efforts to solve a problem on their own, should they bring it to you. Always make sure they understand the lesson you’re teaching before you leave them to work on their own.

Expect the Unexpected

Expecting the unexpected is a concept I cannot stress enough. Just about the time you think you’ve found your perfect homeschool schedule or routine, something will happen, and it will call for a re-evaluation. Just go with what works for as long as it works and try not to get too uptight if you have to change your schedule again.

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