Things to Remember When Life Happens

10 Things to Remember When Life Happens

10 Things to Remember When Life Happens - PinterestThese are things I try and remember during the times I feel like I just can’t do it anymore, like my kids would be better off in public school, I’m just having a bad day, or like I’m failing all the way around. I have a purpose and focusing on these 10 things when life happens helps to remind me of just that.

1. “I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” ~ Philippians 4:13.

God created me for this life. He will see me through. And when I sit and focus on His love for me and the fact that He, maker of the universe, cares about what happens to me, THAT helps see me through the rough days. It also helps to add two little words to this verse “the important.” I can do all the important things through him who strengthens me. The laundry is not THAT important. Pouring love and life into my children is my most important job.


Regardless of what those voices in my head try and tell me. “You don’t have enough time.” “You don’t have enough money.” “You don’t have enough patience.” “You’re not pretty enough.” “You’re not thin enough.” Oh, and here’s a good one that I know a lot of homeschool moms understand, “You’re not SMART enough.”

As a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, as the teacher of my children, I am ENOUGH!

3. Negative self-talk breeds self-loathing.

(See #2.) God loves me and created me for more! More than I could ever imagine for myself, my God has planned it for me. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” ~ Jeremiah 29:11

4. Something better than I can fathom IS coming.

When something isn’t going my way, I must relinquish control and surrender myself to the idea that sometimes it’s just not meant to.

5. I must give myself GRACE.

We all have limitations. Birds can’t fly across the country without resting. Cheetahs can run very fast, but not for very long. I can listen to my kids’ excitement about getting to watch a video or play a game, but there is a limit to the screaming and squealing I can tolerate, even when they are happy screams and squeals. If we’ve been hard at homeschooling and having a wonderful time doing so, I can’t feel guilty about not vacuuming, we were making good memories. It’s all about giving myself GRACE in these limitations and many, many others, I am not perfect.

[bctt tweet=” It’s all about giving myself GRACE in these limitations and many, many others, I am not perfect.” username=”Momof8Melanie”]

6. My children are watching.

They’re watching how I interact with their siblings and they are learning how to interact with their own children. They’re learning by watching how I handle stress, heartache, pain, anger, and many other emotions. THEY. ARE. WATCHING. Do I want them hiding in a closet because they can’t cope? No. So, as much as I want to hide in my closet and eat chocolate and cry, I can’t, well, at least, not all of the time. I have to teach them how to handle the rough days.

7. “This too shall pass.”

I don’t know where that saying came from, but my grandmother used to say it a lot. (Oddly enough, I recently found out it’s not in the Bible.) As surely as the seasons change, and fall gives way to winter, you will have trouble in your life. Do not let it consume you, keep your head up.

8. When I am having a trying day, I have to distance myself from certain people.

Sometimes you have people in your life that breed drama. Those people can suck you into a toxic relationship with them. They are best kept at a safe distance and taken in small doses. They can contaminate your mind, feelings, and emotions. You’ll unknowingly feed off of their energy, and their bad day will make yours even worse.

9. Prayer, for me, is like a reset button.

When things feel like they’re falling to pieces, I can stop and pray for just a few minutes, ask for guidance from my Heavenly Father, and move on to the next thing. On terribly bad days, I do this many times. God doesn’t mind. “For I, the Lord your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.” ~ Isaiah 41:13

10. DON’T GET STUCK in bad emotions.

It’s ok to be angry, to be upset, or to be unsatisfied with how things are going. But what are you going to do about it? You can’t stay in this place forever. You must have a plan. That plan can be to go to your room for 5 minutes and scream into a pillow, or it can be to pray (see #9), or it can be to change the direction of your day by deciding to scrap the original plan to clean house all day and go to the park.

Pull up your big girl panties, or throw on your superhero cape, and get back out there.

One action I take sometimes when I know I have to get back out there and face the world is the superhero stance.

Go ahead, laugh, but it does help.

You can read the article, “Power-posing Like a Superhero Turns You Into One,” and “nerd out” on the facts. And let’s face it, sometimes to get back out there and get on with life you have to be a superhero.

My friend recently shared something with me that she tells herself when she’s having a hard day. It’s absolutely brilliant, and I made it up into a pretty printable for you.

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