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Potty Training Toddlers While Homeschooling

Potty Training Toddlers While Homeschooling -- Pinterest Image, small child with flower

Potty Training Toddlers While Homeschooling

Potty training toddlers while trying to homeschool other children might sound like a recipe for disaster, but it doesn’t have to be. Preparation is key!

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Your Potty Training Method

The method we use is 3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen. This is a great method that requires a solid three days devoted to your toddler. (We’ve nicknamed it the “Quick and Dirty Method.”) After those three days, you can put some separation between you and the little one, but to start out you are best buddies, stuck like glue.

That might sound like torture to some folks. I mean, not spending time with your toddler, but following a potty training toddler around for three days? It makes me tired just watching toddlers play sometimes, they’re all over the place! BUT, after about three days you’ll have all the hard work out of the way. Therefore, you need to prepare.

Have the right equipment.

Whether it be a little potty or a potty training seat for a full-sized toilet. You must have the proper equipment. If your little trainee doesn’t feel they are secure where they are sitting to relieve themselves, they won’t want to stay there long enough. We use a potty seat that fits over our toilet seat for our little guy. (This is like the one we used.)

You’ll need plenty of underwear.

Keep in mind, the first day of potty training your trainee will probably have A LOT of mistakes. You may even have to wash a special load of undies at the end of the day to be prepared for the next.

I have about 20 pairs of cute little undies on hand before I start potty training the new recruit.

Allow more than three days.

First off, allow more than three days. A potty training schedule is more complex than following times on a chart. It takes time to find a good rhythm. Your newly trained potty-user will get the idea in the three days, but there will be accidents and mess-ups. Some children may need to potty more often than others. It may take an extra day. It may also take an extra day for you to recuperate. 😊

Need a potty training reward chart?

Some children potty train better with rewards. If you aren’t into candy as a potty training reward, you could try a potty training reward chart. You can find “My Superhero Potty Reward Chart,” one for boys and one for girls, in our Resource Library.

Stay home.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and don’t plan to go anywhere during the initial “dirty work.” Emergencies happen and all things are not in out control, but for the most part you’ll do much better in a comfortable environment and it will definitely cut down on your stress level. Emergency potty breaks in public can be a source of panic, especially if you don’t know where the potty is.

Prepare meals ahead of time.

I’m not a big fan of convenience foods, so we meal plan and I use the CrockPot and Instant Pot a lot. However, during potty training time, we’re in survival mode. Hot ham and cheese sandwiches with chips, CrockPot vegetable beef soup, and store-bought chicken nuggets and fries are definitely on the menu. (I can get two nights of supper out of a big CrockPot full of this Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup.)

Choose your chores wisely.

Your home won’t fall down if you don’t vacuum or mop for three or four days.

Do the chores your toddler can help you do. Little kids love to help load and unload the washer and dryer. They can also carry dishes from the table and help pick up items on the floor.

Homeschooling in the process.

During potty training time, I schedule work the kids won’t necessarily need me to be hands-on to do. They watch documentaries and write reports. They do a lot of reading.

This last round of potty training was during Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. We used a resource one of my homeschool mom blogger friends made and documented what the kids learned, they loved it! We also read books and drew pictures of sharks, and my bigger boys did some independent reading.

The main thing is school was done, potty training was done, and life is definitely better without having to stop to change a stinky diaper. Now, I just pause to wipe a hiney. 😊

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