DIY Cute Birthday Cakes

DIY Cute Birthday Cakes

Store bought birthday cakes can be expensive and sometimes the decorating options can be minimal. I’ve discovered how to DIY cute birthday cakes for my kids’ birthdays.

Disclaimer — I want to be upfront in saying that I’m in no way a cake decorator, as you’ll see from my photos. I’m just a mom that likes to save a little $$$ when she can.

One day, maybe, I’ll have time to learn proper cake decorating, but for now, this works for us.

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First, you’re going to start with your cake.

You want it baked and completely cooled before you begin decorating. If you want to know how to turn a boxed cake mix into the moistest cake you’ve ever tasted, I show you in the Best Cake Made From a Mix…Ever.

Pair this cake with buttercream and you have an AMAZING duo! I promise, no one will turn this cake down. My husband isn’t big on sweets and he LOVES it.

DIY Cake Transfers

I could explain to you how this works, or I could just link to the website where I found this amazing idea. I think linking is a much better option. Haha! How to Create a Frozen Buttercream Transfer will tell you exactly how to make an adorable and delicious edible transfer for your next batch of cupcakes, or this works on cakes too.

Cake transfers I’ve done include the University of Tennessee emblem, Gir, Transformers symbols, a pirate, a unicorn, Handy Many, a rainbow poop emoji, and a laughing emoji. They aren’t perfect, but no one really notices once they take a bite.

Most of the time, when we aren’t having a large gathering, I use a 9 x 13 pan and just decorate the cake while it’s still in the pan.

For larger birthday gatherings, I usually make a large cake. My large cake pan is 13 x 18 and is more like a cookie sheet with shallow sides. I can combine two cake mixes, double the ingredients, and it completely fills the pan.

Before I decorate the cake, I take it from the pan, cool it on a cooling rack, and then transfer it to a decorator’s board.  A very thin layer of buttercream icing covers the area where I’ll place the cake to help hold it in place while I do the decorating. I like the cake presentation to be a little nicer and buy a windowed cake box to store the cake until time to serve everyone.

How do you save money on birthday celebrations? I’m always open to saving money.



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