DIY Nerf Pegboard Storage Wall

DIY Nerf Pegboard Storage Wall


My son loves Nerf! Nerf anything. He loves the arrow thingy, the TwinShots, and the MegaStrikes. ALL. OF. THEM. This, however, poses a problem. His siblings like them too, and when he’s not in his room, they sneak in and steal them, lose the squishy, foam darts, and sometimes, they break them. I, on the other hand, am sick and tired of picking up the Nerf darts off the floor, because the cats or the littles keep stealing them. We needed a cat and little-kid-proof Nerf storage solution, and fast.

I love Pinterest! So, naturally, that was the first place I looked. I found a photo of exactly what we were looking for. However, having “pretty shiny syndrome,” I didn’t read through all the directions I had found, nor did I pin the project to one of my Pinterest boards. I didn’t give up though. Surely, I could recreate this project.

So, I told my son we were going to build him a place to store his Nerf stuff away from little hands, and he was game. Then, he realized I was going to make him pay for it too. Yep, I’m mean like that! Well, you have to teach them to take care of the things they have, right?

Materials Needed for the Nerf Pegboard Storage Wall

  • Pegboard (We used the 4-footx4-foot size.)
  • 4 – ½”x2”x12” (Please read on before purchasing this size.)
  • Pegs and containers for pegboard
  • Liquid Nails
  • Drill
  • Screws
  • Level

First, a little backstory…

My house is around 60 years old and was built by my grandfather. He was not a master builder. Now, I’ve always known that the walls in my home were not plumb. I also know that some of the paneling that was added in the 80s isn’t laying flat against the wall, because the walls aren’t plumb.

What we did…

Using a small amount of Liquid Nails, I glued the four boards to the centers of each side of the pegboard. Careful, if you use too much, it’ll squish out of the peg holes. These boards will make the pegboard stand off the wall.

I let that dry for a few hours, while I worked on something else, plus the extra set of hands we needed, were still at their day job. We definitely needed a little help leveling and mounting this monster on the wall.

When Hubby came home, we marked the wall, where we wanted the top of the pegboard to be, with a pencil. We lifted it to the desired location, made sure it was level, and using the screws, mounted it to the wall.

My son grabbed some pegs and began attempting to put them on the board. There was a problem. Due to the slightly bubbled paneling, the four boards I chose for the sides didn’t allow the pegboard to stand off the wall enough for the pegs to be mounted.

This obstacle posed a challenge and forced us to improvise. How were we going to get this thing up on the wall without having to make another two and half hour round-trip to Lowes?

The Solution

I remembered we had some leftover shims from another project we had done. So, I took the leftover shims broke them in half and doubled them up via another small amount of Liquid Nails, so that we would have enough of them. (See pic.) Mounted one set to each end of the original four boards with more Liquid Nails.

pegboard with wood board and shims

It’s not pretty folks, but nobody is going to see the back of the pegboard anyway. I may get some boards to go around the outside like a frame when he’s finished collecting. At the moment, he’s still adding to the collection, and we’re about to need more pegboard.

It worked! The pegboard was off the wall just enough. Gavin mounted all the pegs and containers.

Now that he has more space for his Nerf guns, he spends about half of his earned money on them. We’ll be putting up another pegboard soon.

What we’ll do differently next time…

Since putting the Nerf pegboard wall up, I’ve found Toni. She has a great tutorial on how she used spacers to mount their pegboard instead of wood boards. I think my Lowe’s calls them washers, but with long enough screws I think I’ll be able to double them up on the next go round and not have to worry about the paneling.

Now to go “referee” a Nerf war. Y’all have a great week!

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