bag of groceries, how we save money on groceries

How We Save Money on Groceries

bag of groceries, how we save money on groceries

How We Save Money on Groceries

It really isn’t hard to save money on groceries, but you must be open to a couple of tradeoffs.

Disclaimer — When I talk about saving money on groceries, I’m talking about what you eat. I’m not talking about paper towels, toilet paper, or cleaning supplies. This is just strictly for food.

Several months ago, I was looking for some guidance on how to save money on groceries and information on budgeting. I found Rosemarie Groner. I found a multitude of information on all things budgeting on her website, The Busy Budgeter.  She has great tips on how to meal plan, save money, make money, and get organized.

One of the best tips I learned from her was how to save money on groceries. Rosemarie has several posts about saving money on groceries on her blog, but one in particular talks about putting some meals on autopilot. This has been a game-changing money and time-saver for us and is one of those tradeoffs I mentioned earlier.

Keeping breakfast and lunch simple allow for more budget wiggle room at supper.

Here, I’ll show you…

Our Money-Saving Weekly Meal Plan

Breakfasts under $25 for the week

Our breakfasts consist of cold cereal, fruit and grain bar with yogurt, sometimes we just have peanut butter toast. Once a week we have sausage and biscuits. I usually pick two of these breakfasts per week and sometimes we have enough left over to carry into the next week.

Lunches under  $30 for the week

Lunch choices are ham and cheese sandwiches with chips; bologna, cheese, and crackers with chips; pepperoni, string cheese, wheat crackers, and carrots. There are variations to these, but you get the idea. I only purchase enough for two choices per week.

Snacks under $8

Snacks are simple. They’re usually food items the kids can prepare themselves. Choices such as cheese crackers, applesauce, honey graham crackers, grapes, bananas, and apples. We choose a couple of options each week. I really like for one of the choices to be fresh fruit, but that’s only if the prices are within reason.

Suppers under $57

I make enough to have leftovers for at least one night out of each meal. This would be the other tradeoff. Sometimes we have more and that’s ok too, we use those for a leftover meal night later in the week to finish off all the leftovers or my husband takes them to work for his lunch.

Another way we save money on suppers is to serve French bread instead of rolls. The French bread at Walmart is AMAZING and it’s only $1.

Suppers go something like this:

Cowboy Soup with crackers one night, and cornbread the next; pinto beans with hickory-smoked sausage with cornbread for two nights (yes, we are definitely cornbread people); tacos with all the fixin’s one night, the second night they become quesadillas. French bread pizza is another quick, easy meal.

No Leftover Boredom

To keep everyone from becoming bored with what we’re having for supper, I don’t serve the leftover meal the next night. I juggle the plan around.

So, Sunday, we’ll have pinto beans with cornbread. Monday, we’ll have tacos. Tuesday, the second pinto bean meal. Wednesday, I make Cowboy Soup. Thursday, quesadillas. Friday, Cowboy Soup. Saturday, eat up all the leftovers if there are any. If not, well, I just went to the store on Friday and our meal plan starts all over again.

Feeding 7 for less than $120

Walmart checkout screen, total for meals for 7, less than $120This week our grocery subtotal was $116 from Walmart Grocery Pickup. Of course, that’s without tax added, but tax rates will vary from area to area. I buy the Walmart generic, Great Value brand, when it’s available.

Saving Time

I hate to cook. So, this meal plan not only saves me time, it allows me a few quick supper nights. I also use my InstantPot or my CrockPot whenever I can for our suppers.

Another time-saving, money-saver that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with, is the Walmart Grocery Pickup. This service saves my sanity and my pocketbook. No more impulse buying, no more kids bringing home stomach viruses, flu, or colds from the grocery store. And the personal shoppers are always so friendly and courteous. They load the groceries for you. You never have to leave your car, SUV, or van, in my case. It’s amazing.

Out of Stock? No Problem!

One of the best deals I’ve found with grocery pickup is that if the item on your list is out of stock, they’ll replace it for you with something comparable. I buy mostly generic products. So, if my store is out of Great Value Nacho Chips, I get a comparable-sized bag of Doritos. Another recent example is Pampers diapers. I wanted the 84 count box of Pampers and because they were out of them, I got the 148 count box instead. AND the best part, hold onto your hat, there was no additional charge. I just paid what the originally ordered item cost.

This honestly is one of the best things since sliced bread.

If you’ve never tried grocery pickup you’ll get $10 off your first order by using this link, so what have you got to lose?

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