The Best Time-Saving Mom Hack…Ever

The Best Time-Saving Mom Hack...Ever, grocery bag

The Best Time-Saving Mom Hack…Ever

I’ve been doing Walmart Grocery Pickup for several weeks now. I wasn’t sure I would like it at first, but it is the best time-saving mom hack…ever. I LOVE IT and here’s why –

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Saves me time!

I make out my meal plan for the week, then start my shopping. Find out more about my meal planning process by reading Meal Planning Made Easy. I can do the shopping while my kids play or while they’re sleeping. It also leaves more time for the other things I NEED to do. AND, no more using my Saturdays for grocery shopping. I’m trying not to use them for cleaning either, but for things I really want to do or projects I’d like to get done.


Saves me money!

It’s so much easier to stay on budget when you can see your total as you drop it into your cart. The only thing you can’t see is the tax. I try to spend no more than $125 per week on groceries. That’s not a lot for a family of seven. So, I must spend wisely. When ordering online, I’m also avoiding impulse purchases that get me into budget trouble.


I don’t have to drag my forty-eleven children through the store!

My kids touch everything in the store, EVERYTHING! We always leave the store with more than we came with. At least one kid gets sick two days after every shopping trip.🤒🤧🤮 Yuck! NOT ANYMORE! Well, unless we have to go shoe shopping. Haha!


No more heavy lifting!

We have pets, a lot of pets. My Walmart purchases include those big, 40-50 lb. bags of dog food, cat food, and buckets of kitty litter. Since my neck surgery last year, I’ve been trying to be kinder to my neck, and lifting those big buckets and bags is not being kind. With grocery pickup, I schedule my pickup time and all of my purchases are delivered right to my vehicle and loaded up for me. When I get home, my husband or boys help unload.


Oh, and if they don’t have something you’ve ordered, you get the next best thing, and they don’t charge you any more than the original item you ordered.


If you’d like to try Walmart Grocery Pickup, and if you use that highlighted link, we’ll both get $10 off of our next orders.


Hope this helps save you some time too! If you have any questions, I’ll be glad to answer them if I can.

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